Honored to serve as California’s next U.S. Senator

  • Fighting climate change: I passed landmark legislation increasing renewable energy standards, expanding green manufacturing and solar power, developing clean fuels and modernizing the electrical grid.
  • Expanding educational opportunity: I passed bills bridging the digital divide and expanding college access, helping English language learners and protecting student athletes.
  • Fostering healthier communities: I fought for universal health care, stopping tobacco sales to minors, fighting diabetes and obesity, expanding patient protections and improving food safety.
  • Increasing gun safety: I passed common-sense gun safety measures like tracking stolen guns and stopping felons from possessing body armor.
  • Harnessing innovation: As an engineer, I fought for the ethical advancement of science and technology. I authored legislation protecting Californians from discrimination based on genetic information and wrote the bill creating a statewide Earthquake Early Warning System.
  • Registered over 22 million voters: Voter registration is at an all-time high — over 22 million Californians are registered to vote (an increase of more than four million from the day I took office) and the highest rate in nearly seven decades.
  • Expanded access to the ballot: I implemented innovations like same-day registration, online pre-registration for 16- and 17-year olds and automatic voter registration, also known as ”California Motor Voter.”
  • Protected our elections: I oversaw the upgrades/replacement of voting systems in all 58 counties in the state to systems that meet California’s newer higher security standards.



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Alex Padilla

Alex Padilla

U.S. Senator for California. Husband & Dad. Former CA Secretary of State. MIT Grad. San Fernando Valley native. Defending the dream.