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Alex Padilla
3 min readMay 31, 2018


Hi! I’m Ben, Secretary of State Alex Padilla’s Campaign Manager. And I have some very exciting news to share about our campaign!

Secretary Padilla has been endorsed by the editorial boards of some of the leading newspapers in California. Below are some highlights and the links to these compelling endorsements:

Editorial: Chronicle Recommends: Alex Padilla for Secretary of State — San Francisco Chronicle

“Secretary of state is not the obscure post it used to be. Nor has Padilla, a Democratic former state senator and Los Angeles City Council president, treated it as a sinecure. Even before President Trump and Vladimir Putin helped raise his profile, the state’s top elections official was working to modernize neglected and outdated systems, expand voter registration and participation, and make campaign finances more transparent.”

In a state that lagged in participation and other measures when he took office, Padilla’s focus on expanding voting and registration is the right one, and his success so far in doing so has earned him another term.”

Don’t Put California’s Elections at Risk. Vote Alex Padilla for Secretary of State — The Sacramento Bee

“More than ever, California needs a secretary of state who will champion objective truth over partisan hyperbole, and will be as committed to enforcing election security as he or she is to expanding the state’s anemic voter rolls. In the crowded field of candidates competing in the June 5 primary, incumbent Alex Padilla is the only serious choice.

A former Democratic senator from Los Angeles, Padilla was elected on promises to modernize the state’s antiquated voting and campaign finance systems, as well as increase voter registration and turnout. He has kept his promises.”

Editorial: Padilla deserves another term as secretary of state — Mercury News and East Bay Times

“He has arguably been California’s best secretary of state since Jerry Brown held the office from 1971–74.

When Padilla took office, 17 million of the 24.3 million eligible Californians were registered to vote. That number is expected to grow to close to 20 million by the November election, thanks largely to legislation Padilla sponsored that automatically registers voters when they renew their driver’s licenses.

Padilla has championed Californians’ right to vote and offered substantial improvements in the state’s election system. He deserves re-election.”

Alex Padilla para Secretario de Estado– La Opinion

“Desde Washington dicen que hay un fraude gigantesco con millones de votantes no autorizados. Desde Moscú hay una amenaza de querer interferir en el proceso electoral. La respuesta es reelegir a Alex Padilla para el cargo de secretario de Estado.

Padilla es la garantía que necesitamos, como defensor de los ataques políticos de la Administración Trump.”

Thanks for taking the time to read those endorsements — it means a lot to the campaign and I hope we’ve earned your support as well. Election Day is in five days and we’re working hard every minute to spread the news about Alex’s accomplishments and bid for a second term. Will you help by chipping in $15 to the campaign and help us share these endorsements with voters before Election Day?

Thank you in advance,

Ben Seinfeld
Campaign Manager
Padilla for Secretary of State 2018



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