Everything I know about work and opportunity, I learned from my parents. They risked everything to ensure my family and I could have a shot at the American Dream. It’s a dream that I know well because I’ve lived it, and I’m committed to making it possible for all Americans as California’s next U.S. Senator.

I was born March 22, 1973 at Kaiser Hospital in Panorama City in the San Fernando Valley. My parents, Santos and Lupe Padilla, immigrated separately from Mexico and met in Los Angeles in the late 1960s. …

Hi! I’m Ben, Secretary of State Alex Padilla’s Campaign Manager. And I have some very exciting news to share about our campaign!

Secretary Padilla has been endorsed by the editorial boards of some of the leading newspapers in California. Below are some highlights and the links to these compelling endorsements:

Editorial: Chronicle Recommends: Alex Padilla for Secretary of State — San Francisco Chronicle

“Secretary of state is not the obscure post it used to be. Nor has Padilla, a Democratic former state senator and Los Angeles City Council president, treated it as a sinecure. Even before President Trump and Vladimir…

Today is National Voter Registration Day.

It has been 52 years since the federal Voting Rights Act was signed, ensuring the right to vote for every American. Today, we see our voting rights under attack. The 2016 Presidential Election was the first in more than fifty years without the full protection of the voting rights act.

This National Voter Registration Day, let’s fight back against voter suppression, not just with our words, but with action.

Here’s how to get involved:

(1) Register to vote or verify your registration information (for example, have you moved and need to update your address?).

Alex Padilla

U.S. Senator for California. Husband & Dad. Former CA Secretary of State. MIT Grad. San Fernando Valley native. Defending the dream.

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